Extract from a quite old recruiter email (excluding the formalities):

Position: junior dev
Workplace: office for first year, can be changed to remote after (salary will be 50% lower if you go remote though) *suspicion levels starts raising*
Payment: 1€ per line of code (empty lines/comments excluded) or page of documentation *alarms start ringing*
Additional info: on high alert for 4 weeks every 6 weeks *wtf is going on*, salary bonus is 10€ per week *I stopped reading here and moved the email directly to the spam folder*

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    Is high alert similar to on call? Because I will RAM an ice pick up someone's ass if they ask me to go on call that often. That shit should be illegal. How the fuck are you supposed to rest or have a life??????

    And if you're an efficient programmer, you get paid less than those (me) who write terrible code that takes forever to compile because it has excess lines??
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    @QueenMorgana yeah, on call. I was trying to translate it to English from our phrase. And I completely understand that someone wants people on call. But in Radiological lab. Or in an army. But programmers? Really?
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    Besides working as a programmer, I do a lot of work of a sysadmin. Basically, I on call 24/7. It's really not that bad if you put a little bit of effort into preventing problems. It happens once every few months I have to work in the evening/weekends.

    PS: we run 20 physical hosts with 400+ VMs
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    @phexter It all depends on how many incidents happen. When I started I got called 4 out of 7 night in a week at 4 in the morning, sometimes multiple times a week. Because we worked really hard to run a more stable environment, we don't get called anymore at all. Most of the time during incidents, they are resolved before a customer notices.

    I know it sounds scary, but it really depends on the environment and the conditions.
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    @redstonetehnik our developers are on an on call rotation, but it's only 1 week at a time and with the number of applications we support, they're only called once every few months. The ones who don't listen and don't fix their code are the ones who get called every few days, but I don't feel so bad for them.
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    @phexter I would do the same thing. Or, I'd write everything on one line to be a dick and quit after I got that 1€ paycheck.
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