Worst advice about programming...
My discussion with my company sistem admin :
Me : you must always think that users are dumb and will make mistakes (like putting letters when db saves as number)
He : users must learn, if they make such mistakes its their fault.

My claim: I learned early in school to always assume that users are stupid and will always find bugs and exploits by coincidence. So protect your code from bad imput

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    You should add the wk66 tag 😎
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    There's a pretty detrimental attitude at my workplace to "train out UI issues" where our product is a business to business (B2B) application. It's ridiculous and just because it is B2B, it is still humans that have to use the piece of shit! You should always program to cover incorrect usage scenarios and if a user is doing it wrong, it's not because they are stupid (well it might be) but ultimately it is on you and your products design failings.
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    @coolq what does wk66 mean?
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    First time I got my hands on a government software (because of a bet that I couldn't crash it)... Just made a search for Id number with a string...
    Few beers for free :p
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    As Jeffrey Way would say, "Guilty until proven innocent."
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    @RodrigoF There are weekly themes on devrant and this week is week 66 (wk66) since they started counting. And this week's theme is worst quotes.
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    Your sysadmin is just asking to be fucked by user input. (Pun not intended.)
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    @RodrigoF Wk66 is the current discussion tag. When you open DevRant it has a little pup up at the top, unless you close it. Basically wk66 is saying to put wk66 tag on rants about bad advice you've been told.

    See image, the banner at the top.
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