Worst advice: "Forget Android, specialize on BB10, that's the future'

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    People still care about Blackberry?
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    *to whoever told you that* oh hun. You poor lost innocent soul... Let me help you with reality
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    BB10? Is that the next star wars robot? 🤖
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    OMG this reminds me of a colleague that still uses a bb10 device xD
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    @DRHAX34, I actually miss mine sometimes.
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    @MissDirection, nah, that was a few years ago. BB10 was a nice OS, but they couldn't fight against Android. They never had a fighting chance.
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    @Eariel my dad loved his BB that he had from work, but finally moved to Android a few years ago. It was a decent phone.
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    But didn't understand why they are so expensive ..
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    @Prometheus, I believe they're pretty easy to control on corporate "fleets". They have lots of safety stuff, even the newest Android ones. And they're sturdy. My son uses my old Z10 to play games and it survived a lot.
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    I worked at blackberry last year... even blackberry agrees that BB10 is a lost cause. Now, if you're focusing on QNX, that's a different story!
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    Well, now Apple took the "swipe up to home" gesture we had on BB10, so it WAS the future after all.
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    BBTan is a game in android and for a moment I was like "Um, whaaaaa.... Oh. She means BlackBerry" \_(•.•)_/
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    BB10 ... Is this the satellite B.o.B is building to testify if earth is flat ?
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    I once spent 5 days porting an android app to blackberry. Definitely not worth it.
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