Me:how about this one ui component boss. I think we must fix it.
Boss:just drop it out, do another job. wait customer to complain, after we got one complain then you fix that.

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    *LOL* In a way, it actually makes sense. If they don't complain it's probably not important enough to fix. Now that's agile :)
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    Yeah but it make me uncomfortable every fuckin time see that ui.
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    @yohohoho That's understandable :/ So how did the story end, did they complain?
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    Not yet, but the main problem is thats not the only one. I see many problem that make my eyes hurt, and still no one fix it. Just wait all of that complain coming to my issue tracker.
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    @yohohoho I know the feeling, but I have got used to it. This is the brave new world of agile development. It doesn't need to be perfect, and it never is, because mostly the users/customers don't even know themselves what's perfect to them. Just let go of it :)
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    Haha, yeah this is the first experience about that something called "agile". Must take a patience more and more. Btw thanks for advice
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