Uninstalled allo...

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    it already knows more about you than you know about your self
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    @jAsE well, its a chat app, so you need someone else to use with. Couldn't convert any of my friends. And kept it for a while for daily fun facts.
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    Allo is just a training ground for their AI in my eyes.
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    @codeman just read the tags of the rant backwards and you'll get it
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    @codeman it's like kik with google features
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    Proof that computers have feelings too
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    Elgoog tnatsissa olla
    To my self: 'that does not make any sense, oh wait a minute.....' it's still early here oke 😂
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    Trust me she is gonna remember everything!
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    When the Great AI Uprising of the late 2090s took place, @yugi regretted making his intentions known to Allo.
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