As a gamer and developer, I have 2x 33 inch screens and 1 laptop screen. But I can not use them in an optimized manner. Since I am a gamer also, I use the middle screen for games and it is directly in front of me.

Therefore I can not use the large screen at the left effectively, it is far away from my eyes and hard to look at. So, can anyone use two screens with equal efficiency?

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    You have two eyeballs and two screens. You know what to do.
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    Some insist that they can - but that's likely just the sunk cost fallacy at work.
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    Tilt it so that it's as close to your head as the main monitor. You'll still want to use it just for quick reference lookup so you don't sit up twisted for any length of time.
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    I don't have multiple screens because I look at them simultaneously, I have multiple screens because I can have a whole bunch of windows open and choose to just look at the relevant ones, without faffing around with switching desktops all the time. It's a massive productivity multiplier, to the point my velocity nearly halves if I'm forced to use my laptop screen alone (for whatever reason) instead.
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    @Jason yeah but then, keyboard mouse wont turn with me and it will be very weird to type and click each time i use left or right monitors unlike center one
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    @jestdotty I wonder how @Alexanderr likes the monitors you gave him
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    @Alexanderr is someone randomly downvoting you? 🤣
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