working on a crappy legacy site written by an invalid. The job was to replicate an existing site for a school with the original's permission. I fix a shit ton of bugs and update the original.

For the first time ever I got a phone call from the original's owner to complain that I had fixed their site -.-

leave things broken from now on!

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    When you say "written by an invalid" do you really mean written by a fucktard. I feel you may be being unjust to invalid 😀

    It is very strange how some people can just accept broken code and get on with it. If I was paying a customer I'd be making sure I got what I wanted.

    Good work though, it's a great feeling good fixing other people's crap.
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    You did the right thing. Don't leave stuff broken. Keep doing what you did!
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    Rest asure, we are here with you and appreciate all work, that is good. Cleaning up should be rewarded, as it is the hardest.
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    @philcr I didn't want to sully devrant with the word fuck xD
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    @philcr Very often the customer won't know just how bad something is and just accept it as "close enough". What really gets me is the number of developers willing to produce and charge extortionate money for complete dung!
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