Once I quit this job, I'm never getting a Mac again. I know many like working on one but for me it just gets in my way, it's naggy, the window manager is clunky, homebrew is a crappy package manager compared to pacman and good do I miss focus follow mouse. This is the third time that I've used macos for insert a year and it has actually gotten less pleasant over time.

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    @ericfledderman I thought ranting was the point of this network... Thanks for the passive aggressiveness though.
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    I'd buy a mac for hardware, and install Arch or something on it.
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    It can be a huge pain to run Linux on a Mac sadly. @ParkCity
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    @trip1 I've only ever run a flavor of ubuntu on an old iMac - you're probably right
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    Ubuntu runs very well on MacBook pro, however, the only reason to spend that much money on it would be if u develop for macos and iOS, otherwise any normal priced laptop will do the same job.

    I have to say though that Mac hardware really lasts long. I used Sony Vaio and Asus laptops before and after 2 years already had issues with keyboard and screen. I have MacBook pro 17" from 2010 that still works great. Keyboard almost as good as new.

    Currently I have Dell laptop with Ubuntu on it for dev, that is 35÷ of MacBook price with same hardware specs... but will see in few years if hardware will still be in a good enough shape...
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    To me that's the only redeeming quality of a Mac, their build quality is pretty high compared to most of the market. If I could get Mac build quality with full Linux compatibility out of the box I'd happily pay Mac prices for it. @sinisas
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    @ainmosni not tying to be passive aggressive here... but if my statement qualifies as passive aggressive then so does your reply. Just seems like a pretty tired argument that has been had here so many times already.
    Sorry if my mini rant about your rant isn’t acceptable in the platform that we use to rant about these things. Thought that’s what we did here... didn’t mean to offend someone.
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