Remember kids, clear out any login credentials before doing git commit and git push!

/smacks himself

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    And I was even thinking to myself "remember to remove your password!". The happiness from finding the solution took over :/

    There is no joy in life
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    That's why you read from config files and never hardcode passwords
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    @DjSall you're right, it's a tiny personal project so I didn't bother with that. Lesson learned
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    Password in config file. Config file in .gitignore
    No problem.
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    Password always in external config. Even if it's a temporary password to a fake account on a proof of concept. Always.

    Most deployment systems have some version of environment configuration. I mostly use firebase nowadays, so I use firebase config. You can use a bunch of other things, but you should make sure with absolute certainty that passwords are never, ever, stored in your code.
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    I've uploaded one my Google api credentials...
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