Having no way to clear application data from an ios app means that I either have to uninstall and reinstall it EVERY TIME I make changes to stored data processes, or I have to build in a whole separate feature to handle clearing the data.

In Android, it's part of the OS.

Why again is ios considered so great?

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    How is it solved in iOS. Is what you said only way?
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    @aviophile The only built in solution to this headache is to uninstall and reinstall the app. In Android, you go to the app settings and clear data.

    That's a difference of several minutes each time, and when you have to do it all day because you're developing an app, it feels like an eternity.

    I have a hacky solution in place, but it shouldn't be a problem to begin with.
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    And on macos, having to click twice in an out of focus window to interact with it is a pain.
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    Whilst I understand that it would be easier to do it from the app itself (or in the list of apps) you can do this from the app store without deleting the application.

    I don't consider neither mainstream mobile OS great btw, I consider them as options and I am married to neither one. But if I had to do mobile app development again I would 100% go the ios route. But that is probably only because when I did it the only option I had on the Android side was Java, I love Java, but I hate the way Android uses it for app creation. Kotlin fits the bill now a days better, but I digress.
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    @AleCx04 I tried kotlin and it was so ugly I couldn't stomach it. I've not even tried any of Apple's languages. I wanted to use Xamarin initially, but the interface language was too much to figure out in the time I had available.

    I'm using React Native for a cross platform app and I like it a million times better than the native solutions.
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    @cuddlyogre you and I are both a rare breed then. I find Swift and Kotlin ugly af.

    I actually liked obj-c more than I did Kotlin, on that one it seems that I am pretty much alone lol
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    For the record, Android studio let's you do exactly this from the run configuration if you so wish.
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    Ah, another example of "Apple knows better than you"...
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