On iOS 11, Apple is no longer allowing you to open apps that are 32 bit. Apple should have given all the developers with 32-bit apps free access to the developer program rather than forcing them to pay a $99 fee to publish a 64-bit version of their app.

This would’ve made better business sense for them as publishers would have had an opportunity to create new apps and see more revenue coming in from upgraded apps. Ultimately more money for Apple. Not sure what dumb fool at Apple HQ thought this was a good idea.

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    Better optimised apps for the platform and not having to have the OS be backwards compatible.

    But in saying that Apples yearly fee is not worth the effort of making apps, plus the standard 30% margins on transactions 🤑
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    I agree, but no way apple makes more money when they don't do that
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    It's Apple all they care about is money, have you seen any good things from them since Steve died?
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    I’m guessing they could yank out a nice portion of code from iOS, now that they don’t have to support 32bit hardware or 32bit emulation on 64bit
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    @inpothet ha ha yes steve's death was the best xd
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    Ya, Apple doe snot give a flying dutchman.
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