I miss autofocus every time I create a rant, comment or reply.

Anybody with me?

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    Autofocus? Is that some long lost feature?
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    I do not have any autofocus :D

    like I want to start type after I click on reply or add comment

    does it do this for you?
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    @TheNewGuy I don't understand your problem. When I press the create a new rant or comment a box comes up that you can type in. Define autofocus in a bit more detail please.
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    @TheNewGuy hmm, when I click reply on Android, the input box is focused but the keyboard doesn't appear until I tap inside the box. Didn't even notice before
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    After I click on "Add Comment" or the "+"-button to create a new rant

    Without AutoFoucs of the text-input:
    I need to click into the textfield

    With AutoFocus:

    I directly can start typing


    I only use the webapp - but this second klick is the thing that bothers me :)

    -> should not be needed as 99% of the people who click on "Reply", "Add Comment" want to type afterwards
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    @TheNewGuy Ah, I see what you mean. I've never personally really noticed that before.

    But you keep speaking of AutoFocus as if it was an actual name for like a program. Is it you know like some app or something? Or is it just a name you made up for automatically starting to type?
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    @Numinex He means it automatically focuses on the input field, like the JavaScript .focus()
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    @adbo Sure I understood that. But it's just that he talks about AutoFocus like it's a piece of software that you install and it autofocuses. And I'm just wondering whether it's like that or if he's just describing a certain case with a word that fits, like AutoFocus.
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    I work with Angular (webframework) & the Material Design (aka. google-/Android-Design) implementation for Angular.

    And there is the possibility to set an ~"md-auto-focus"-Property or attribute.

    -> therefore I came to the buzzword autofocus.

    I believe if the devrant team uses an ui-framework they should have the possibility to simply add an html attribute/property (someone please tell me the correct name in html context :P ) like `focus` / `auto-focus` or something similar to the input.

    I learned to appreciate autofocus, as it saves the time & concentration to aim with the mouse a second time..

    @Numinex @adbo questions answered? :)
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    @TheNewGuy Thanks man. Now you cleared some things up. Although I only use the mobile app, it doesn't really annoying me that it doesn't autofocus. What does however annoy me is that when you type in a rant/comment and reach the end of the line. And press space, it doesn't jump to the next line. It doesn't even show you where the pointer is. I often have to guess whether or not I pressed space too many times. That is annoying.
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    @Numinex happy to help :)

    development never ends ;)
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