Seems someone from China was trying to hack my Apple ID. Due to 2-factor verification, was able to deny access and then I quickly changed password and forced sign-out of all accounts. Perhaps my password appeared in some data leak— it was not changed since 2 years.

Y’all make sure to enable 2-factor authentication and change passwords from time to time.

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    Yup another soul saved
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    It was you, trying to log in from vpn 2 hours ago :)
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    @ostream 2 or MFA needn't necessarily mean providing your mobile number and typing out the OTP. It could be an RSA token or an Authenticator as well
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    Judging from your handle, who says you didn't leak the passwords yourself?
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    @ostream even though I agree with you on the forced stuff and I got kicked out of some shit because my phone broke (and I didn't have 2fa enabled yet somehow it required a sms or previously logged in device). MFA is a good thing and it should be forced in some cases. Just because you use a password manager doesn't mean you can't lose control over your account. MFA can help with that and recovery.

    I use yubikeys by the way. Not phone crap. It's also required to get in my password manager.
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