I'm unbelievably angry. So please bear with my venting.

QA guy and I are stuck working the entire weekend. A few months ago our company decided to promote an account manager to a Product/Project management role with 0 experience and offering them 0 training. They have no experience working with devs and have been making our lives hell. I work easily 50-60hrs per week and they still budget projects according to 40hrs/week meaning they're stealing my time not to mention they're incorrectly setting the client's and company's expectations.

They now have complete control over roadmaps, client communications (this wouldn't normally be bad except that they're having technical discussions with the client with 0 tech experience), timelines, etc. and since their experience was in account management they are now working with devs but making decisions that exclusively put the client first at all costs, even if it means everyone else has to work weekends while they go on vacation!!!!

I've approached them several times to offer help on budgeting time or to propose that we do a Q4 planning so that we can improve the product instead of stay in a shitty position as we are. I'm responded with "You deal with what's in front of you. It's my job to look at the bigger picture."

They mismanaged a $500,000 project and our CEO got wind of it because the client called him while he was travelling. He in turn gave shit to our Directors who in turn chewed the QA guy and I out. "You need to be more meticulous when deploying. How could you let this happen? We're eating shit because of this. You need to work over the weekend to make up for this", etc.
I'm now directly responsible for having delivered something that wasn't up to standards even though I was already putting in the overtime.

This is honestly fucking ridiculous. How can I be blamed when I'm truly doing the best I can and putting as many hours as I can while edging toward burnout.

I love what I do but I hate feeling extremely pressured to turn down friends and family like this. Maybe I'm just too easy going and need to say no more. Who fucking knows. I know that I'm angry with the company right now.

What do you all think? If you read this rant, thank you. Feels better to write it out.

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    I feel your pain. I've been in a similar situation whereby the pm refused to allocate any project time to testing but blamed me for any problems with releases. I flat out told my manager I was going to quit if I wasn't put on something else. I got that but I keep getting threats that I might get moved back as it's a business priority. I'm having my 2 year review in November and will probably leave after that because I don't think it'll change any time soon.

    So... Hope that helps? And good luck!
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    Sorry to hear about that moron. IMO you should approach your CEO about this because it's affecting your life and job quality while also producing subpar products which reflects badly on the company (and by extension the CEO).
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    stick to your contracted hours and point out that if they are relying on you to work unpaid overtime for everything then they don’t have a sustainable business model


    Bloat your estimates so much that it accounts for the extra time and pushes back the deadline


    Speak to the ceo and let them know that it’s impossible to continue like that and lay it on the line, tell them that if it can’t and doesn’t change you will quit!
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    You should talk to your ceo, show the mismanagement and proof that you have done everything in your power to deliver what was asked... That way your ceo has to understand appounting an account manager for PM was a bad idea as appointing a catholic priest to an all boys boarding school gymnasium...
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    There is nothing shittier than being made to feel responsible for a defect you had no reasonable chance of avoiding.

    In the midst of all the shouting its as though your contract is being reprogrammed.

    You subtly accept the defects in the software as being your own as a person, weakening you in the renegotiation about who should work weekends. It's unlikely you'll ever look back on these moments with pride.

    I'm quite certain its difficult to make good software from bad process.
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    Thank you so much everyone. It really feels nice to get support from you all. I'm worried speaking with the ceo may be problematic considering he was directly involved in the sale of this particular account and will have some sort of "Not my problem just get it done" attitude toward the situation. However, you're all correct in that this needs to be addressed one way or another (again) or it may be time to look for some new work.
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    @fffrrraaannnkkk No matter his response don't take the shit as that will become the norm.
    In my previous company they always deployed on Fridays... And always worked weekends. I just stopped doing it after the first 2.
    Fun fact: My last excuse on why I can't work the weekend before I quit that job was that I had to go buy shoes 😝😝😆😆
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    bail sailor,

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    If they aren't paying you overtime, go home and stay home until your contracted hours begin again on Monday morning.
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    Damn...maybe I should stop becoming a programmer. This sounds like hell.
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    @freeme don't stop! This is just a bad employer and a bad experience! Programming is extremely fulfilling and you'll definitely find a work environment that values you and treats you with respect! 😊
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    Wow that does not sound legal. You should not accept this, how can they make you work weekends? There must be someone you can talk to about this, at your company.
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    @zshh coincidental that you comment on this rant because it happened again this weekend.

    The director of tech (my boss), project manager, product director are essentially all working together to make these decisions.
    Feels like there's no choice. Please let me know if you have any ideas
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