If this isn't reality, I don't know what is. I don't read job descriptions today the same way I did 27 years ago.

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    It's funny. I got a background check by an american company, while in the interview process.
    I got the Job btw.
    After that I asked my manager what all the bogus was for. He's also german and explains to me. In the US it is common to lie on your resume.
    Actually in germany it is uncommon todo that.

    It's also harder todo in germany, because your ex companies have to give you a work certification by law after you leave the company. So there is always a proof if you worked somewhere.
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    @KDSBest interesting, what does a German work certificate say? Just the dates and job title? Or any more details?
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    @jiraTicket very detailed.
    Dates, work title and a page or two, what you were responsible for and how good you were.

    The how good you were needs by law be positively written thats why phrases might sound good but actually mean you suck. So it's a skill to read that properly.

    He is loved by every employee. Should be:
    He is loved by every employee and management.

    If management isn't mentioned means you are a pain in the a** to manage.
    Usually if you didn't burn bridges a average of 2 is normal (1-6 grades and 1 is best). All 1s gives a tell your boss was lazy and just used a generator and pressed all 1s or even your boss let you write it yourself and just signs it (happened to me twice xD). So weave some 2s in there.

    A 3 or 4 is considered already extremly bad. A 5 or 6 have I never seen as emplyee or as an employer.

    At the end selling yourself in interviews still is most important.
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