Sales guy (s) : how many hours do you think this project will take?
Developer (d) : well I guess about 250 hours

(one week later)

S: I finally sold that project
D: nice! When do we start?
S: you'll start next week and it needs to be done one month later
D: 40 hours a week, times 4 weeks for one month is roughly 160 hours
S: yes
D: but I said I needed 250 hours
S: yeah but they didn't accept that so I sold it for less
(and no the scope didn't adjust to the new time frame)

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    Oh those kind of people... *makes strangling gestures*
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    Not like anyone is able to make a realistic estimation for a project this size anyway!
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    @willol exactly. I take my estimates and multiple that by 1.8
    That's the time I use as an estimate, if everything goes as planned. Which it doesn't.
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    @willol I agree but if you take the time and add a few hours to it then you will have a margin for any unexpected problems, and if you finish early the customer will be happy (instead of delaying the release)
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    Not to forget requirements change everyonce and a while and yet need to finish in one month 😒
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    @Kimmax if it doesn't happen, how do you know that it would be the time you'd need if it would happen?

    In my personal experience, I'll have to multiply by at least 2 for best case. And I think for the worst case * pi works nice..

    Probably I just suck in doing estimations though..
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    That's just not acceptable.
    You should refuse.
    If you accept this,
    You of course won't make it in one mpnth, and then the blame will be on you :/
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    Don't accept this shit man..
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    Don't worry, sales people know how to andle when the product isn't done on time....
    If not... It's his name on front, not yours
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    Btw you should tell your boss what happened now, before the shit its the fan
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    @RodrigoF already did, I am waiting for his reaction, but thanks for the advice anyways 😉
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    Short term solution: Accept what they sold and work overtime.

    Long term solution: Do anything else.
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    Sounds familiar...
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    You should make a big sign that says there is no way I will be done with this project by December 30th and post it on your desk chair or cubicle wall.

    And for good measure you should take a picture with today's paper that way when they ask you why did it take so long you can show them proof that you estimated longer.
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