Our new COO has decided to migrate our passwords from to a new password manager (due to security concerns).

But now, nearly 75% of our passwords are just 'missing' and we don't have access anymore to our first password manager and it's been emptied out.

AFAIK, the COO still has all the passwords but not shared. He is not responding to my mails / team message from the past day.

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    Don't worry. As soon as they regain access to their email and teams they will give you access again.
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    @Oktokolo It's been a month already ^_^

    Awaiting patiently...
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    No password is more secure than the one no one knows
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    Sabotage? What market are you serving?
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    I know human idiocy knows no bounds, but taking all the keys and then going offline causes such a straightforwardly debilitating fallout that I'd actually believe malice more than ignorance.
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    @wojtek322 Like any other resource, humans can break without warning. After such a long time you have to assume a defect and try to contact a backup system or the system supervising the affected system.
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    @wojtek322 what a great way to get paid vacation.

    I would rewatch all seasons of Mr. Robot at office if this happened to me.
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    @Oktokolo We had a suspicion that this would happen so nearly every dev has taken a local dump of the lastpass.

    But sadly, we don't have access to all folders. The person that should have access is on holiday and the other one didn't take one and lost it.

    I contacted support and they have just reset the password and forwarded it me. We don't have any idea for what else that account is used for.
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    Guess your company needs to open up a job opening for a new COO...
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