I'm in highschool learning to code, but I already realize that a programmers biggest enemy is TIME! I don't have time do the projects and learn the stuff I want to fucking learn! Because of God Damm School!!

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    I fucked up my school grades.. I was always up allnight programming weird shit. But of course I needed to sleep, that's what I did in school. I fucked up my grades and had to leave because I was to bad..
    be careful!
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    "I told you guys, school is stupid. It's not how you learn things."
    - Rick Sanchez

    Good luck man. My high school always offered relevant technology courses after I had learned the topics already. Even after graduating, they're still adding classes a year behind my independent progress.

    Best advice is "no project too small". Write hacks all the time, even if they're stupid. You'll become a better thinker and hopefully learn some core skills in the process when you need them for your hack.
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    Learned programming
    And my school grades increasing rapidly back then 😂

    Programming teaches me for always thinks logically and analyze any scenario as deep as possible 😂
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