When they want an honest candidate

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    I can totally understand that, but i deal with it by not telling people until i'm done with things.
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    Shit... I have a interview in 10 days. And I have told a ton of girls.
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    Ctrl+Z that now
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    @hwwn I wouldn't hire you... Because you're too busy trying to impress 1000KG of girl with your new position instead of getting any work done ­čĄÉ
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    @hjk101 this is the last time I'm telling you 999KG and 1000KG are not the same,
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    @aitkotw So you are saying he is waisting time weighing and getting the right girls? Can't be easy considering how paranoid the females of our species are about weight.
    I have a new found respect for him­čśŐ
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    @hjk101 relationship servival advise : if you want to live long, don't add single gram to her weight.
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    @aitkotw Good advice! Ordering a high res(e.g. precise to the mg) scale for my girlfriends birthday­čśł

    To quote the current joke of US President "She will be so happy!"
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    I know this will be me
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