Me: *Working intently on project*
Gf: "Why are you just googling stuff & copying"


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    I've rarely seen anyone Google and copy code for a project.
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    @vexusia I do this too. I keep all my project to reuse the code. I even create projects with specific names of functions that show how to use that function :p
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    @awnumar I know someone. One of my classmates. He copy and paste the code as is. He didn't even try to modify it to make it work. It's frustrating.
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    When I google a solution, I usually try to understand it, and then implement it myself instead of just copying it
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    The gf is a lie
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    Basic 😂
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    Stackoverflow.com !== google.com
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    Shouts out to those supportive SOs out there
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    Just at the moment when it had 101 likes
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    I google stuff sometimes only.
    Also, I reuse old code and make it better instead of just pasting it.
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