A devDuck update!

Hey everyone,

First off, thank you to everyone who has purchased a devDuck (or a bunch!) and thanks to all who have given us feedback. @trogus and I are thrilled at the incredible response these ducks have gotten. If you haven’t seen them yet, you can check them out at https://devDucks.com or the devRant Swag Shop (https://swag.devrant.io).

We are trying to process all of the orders as quickly as possible and our goal is to have all current orders out by the middle of this coming week. Many orders have already shipped, but if yours hasn’t, rest assured it will very soon!

If you ordered a Java devDuck or cape, your order might be delayed a bit until the middle of this coming week because Java seems to be a heavily-demanded cape and we needed to get the material shipped in to make more of that, specifically.

So far we’ve gotten some awesome feedback from the community. A short list of possible future additions based on what’s been requested: Go devDuck, Kotlin devDuck, Perl devDuck, Android devDuck, and possibly some devDuck accessories like little hats, sunglasses, headphones, etc. If you have any other ideas just let us know:)

Lastly, please know that even with the launch of devDucks, we remain extremely committed to the devRant product and we have some very exciting big devRant features coming very soon.

Thanks again everyone!

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    I really want to get one! Dat international shipping tho :/
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    Yep, java takes a while, as usual.
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    Great! Wish i can get one but my pocket is......
    Ok, whatever. What do we call the duck's sound? Squeak?
    Nice selfie!
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    AAHHH, a devDuck with sunglasses!! 💕 Definitely would love that
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    You don't have to love ducks on here but it helps.

    So does insanity. :)
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    Can't wait to receive mine .net devDuck :P
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    @Dacexi thanks for bringing that up.

    We definitely realize international shipping for a single devDuck is high, and we’ll do our best to try to lower it. Unfortunately though at our size it’s difficult to lower the cost dramatically without having a lot more inventory, so I’m not sure how feasible it is.

    Not that this makes it much better, but since the USPS non-flat item rate of around $13 allows for some decent weight and devDucks are really light, you can get around 3 of them (or possibly 4) for that $13. So if any of your friends want maybe combine :) I think at that point it becomes pretty affordable, but we definitely see the problem for people who want to just order one.

    @plusgut lol!!

    @Deserter :)

    @GodHatesMe thanks :)

    @JS96 hope you enjoy when it arrives!
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    @Jop- such a statement has to be backed by Benchmarks. and those focus only a, specific measure a complete language is impossible.

    If you take the startup time of the java runtime, it will loose compared to Python/php. And in other measures it will win.
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    yay, droid ducks
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    I am highly interested in the statistics about what language/platform duck has been ordered how often!
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    @dfox do you think it can be possible to get a duck like if you we're to get the stickers
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    @wholl0p when we have some compiled we’ll try to post some!

    @programmingTrtl we’ve thought about that but the fact is devDucks are much more expensive for us to make (compared to stickers/stress ball) so it would have to be for a very big milestone, ex. 30,000 points or something.
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    do they talk? I would love a talking duck
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    @hash-table thank you :)
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    How about misaligning "css" in css devducks? XD
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    Soooo cooool! Can't wait for mine. Have some coding I need my ducks help with 😀
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    @dfox great idea on combined shipping!
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    @hash-table :D hey! it's not that bad. I actually thinks it's a nice languagr. Sure there are things which are broken, the whole dynamic typecasting is broke. But other then that, it is a great language, especially in the current version es2015
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    A vim devduck would be awesome as well
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    The CSS duck should have missaligned eyes! :D
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    Java cape ! Hail java leading again
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    @busuu to be honest, at this point I can’t see us making any new ones in the next month or so, and Android is still a question mark even at that point. Demand has been so high for these that we’re trying to figure out how to scale it with the lineup we have right now :)

    If we do add new stuff like that soon I think we can try to do something with shipping for people who ordered really early, but I think it will be a while honestly and we’re concentrating on getting all of the current orders out, some of which have been delayed because of shortages.

    The capes are also being offered at a promotional price of $3 right now and we plan to raise them to $4 fairly soon, so there is some discount there if you bought some single capes early on.

    We’ll keep that in mind though!
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    @Dacexi worth it.

    Cannae wait for my #SwagDuckie to be shipped 😊
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    Okay so we can buy ducks with capes or the capes separately. But we can't buy naked ducks?
    And why did I notice that?
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    @Terrestrial already reported in devrant issue tracker
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    So happy with mine! I would love a hat if they'd become available :)
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