Hey all! It's a me, Skayo, you might know me from the very early years of devRant, my highlight bot, my random quote bot, the devRant-Community on GitHub or any of the dumb rants and things that I've posted during my time.

Since I'm currently doing a cleanup of my old GitHub repos and this platform is still somewhat active, I have decided to pass on or publish all my projects and things I've created for this community back in the days.

Firstly, I have just published and transferred the source codes for the @highlight bot, the @RandomQuote bot, the @here bot, and some weird bot framework to the devRant-Community GitHub organization (https://github.com/devRant-Communit...).
Feel free to check them out if you've ever wondered what awful, awful code was running in the background all these years!

Secondly, I am offering any of the following to anyone who's interested:
- Ownership of the "devRant-Community" organization on GitHub (https://github.com/devRant-Communit...)
- Credentials for the @RandomQuote devRant user
- Credentials for the @highlight devRant user
- Credentials for the @here devRant user
- Credentials for the @devNews devRant user
- Ownership of the "devNews" Discord server
- Ownership of the "Community Programming Book" Discord server
- Anything else that I've forgotten about, maybe check the comments

If you're interested, message me on Discord "@skayodev" or anywhere else I am active under that alias (f.e. Telegram).
I might do a little background check to prevent abuse and I AM NOT SELLING THEM, just giving them away.

Thank you devRant for all the fun we had together and for introducing me to some of my current best friends :)
A thank you especially to @dfox and @trogus, who have created this amazing platform! (and sorry for all of the bullshit I did back then lol)

I wish you all the best <3
~ Skayo

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    Not giving away the credentials for @Skayo btw ;D
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    Tagging some cool people that might be still active: @JS96 @joewilliams007 @johnmelodyme @Lensflare @netikras @vintprox and why not @dfox
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    Seems like @PrivateGER is also still somewhat active :)

    Hey there!
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    @Skayo I pop in at times. Basically living @privateger@plasmatrap.com on fedi nowadays (own instance).
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    Seems like @Fast-Nop is also still active and someone I know from back then.

    Please let me know if I should tag someone else!

    Mainly looking for active users who are passionate about this community. For example someone who already runs a community matrix/discord server or something similar :)
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    Tagging @lorentz too :)
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    Is @Root still active? Sorry for all the spammy tags
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    I miss rutee :(
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    Hey man, glad to see your handle again!

    I'm emotionally invested in this community but I have little control over where my hyperfixations take me. I don't want to promise to do something with any of this. I accidentally obtained some experience with web extensions so I started a DevRant XKit, it died before I even got to researching how to best implement any features because I found something more fun than web scraping (that is not a high bar).
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