I have been on crunch time for so long, with so many hours I don't even know what day of the week it is. I legitimately had to look it up. I also calculated my hourly rate for the last 3.5 weeks, and I was making the same as a grocery store bagger! Being salaried sucks in times like this. I am paid peanuts.

Last night I woke up every 30 minutes in a panic I was late to work. This job is killing me, and all because the sales team sold the product on an unrealistic deadline, for no money...

In addition, I am gaining weight, haven't seen my family for any significant period of time for ages, and Taco Bell knows me by name and order...

On that note, next Monday I am going to go into my boss' office, and demand like a 50%-75% raise! I am terrified! Haha

Migraines are fun though. THE PAIN PROVES I AM ALIVE!

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    Please, do not give them the impression that they can do this.

    It's THEIR fuck up, not yours. Why should you have to pay for it?

    You have a contract, and you're not supposed to work for free.

    Seriously, you are damaging your health for this, and killing your self worth, and for what? You'd be better off if you just quit on the spot, and let those retards handle their shit on their own.
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    @AndSoWeCode I have seriously considered it. I have an understanding of the system nobody else does, so I am hoping to use that as a bargaining chip on Monday
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    Also, this is my first programming job. Talk about baptism by fire
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    Just a thought about negotiating. It might not be a a good idea to use your knowledge of the system as a bargaining chip. You have the system but they have you in contract - you want to avoid having the sematic discussion about who has who. It can can degenerate rapidly. Some people would terminate the understanding simply on the grounds that you had the wherewithal to take this hostage type negotiation approach.

    A better way might be to agree to an expansion of responsibility. Of course being a programmer you've already worked out how to automate the hell out of that shit.
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    @kunashe I'm sure there are some sort of regulation for working overtime, so if we talk about contractual obligations and labour laws, then according to this statement, the CEO should pretty much go to jail for this.
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    @kunashe to add ...

    While taking the company hostage with threats of leaving is unethical, it is legal everywhere I know. However holding an employee hostage with fear of retribution by bad reputation, or losing a job, is a clear violation of not only labour laws, but basic human rights.

    If I were in his place right now, with a bit more confidence built by years in this field, I'd sue their asses until it bleeds.
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    @kunash nothing to be automated... I was meaning most other people don't know what it means when the backend receives 56d, vs an f34. But yeah, I didn't mean as blackmail but more as justification for a higher wage if asked why I deserve it
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    @AndSoWeCode don't want to sue right now, I am still pretty green. I just want better pay and hours haha
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