How do you convince your manager that a certain feature is absolutely not yet ready to be released. Any warnings & concerns fall on deaf ears 🤡

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    Tell him why,in writing, and the fallout that is likely to happen as a result if you do release.

    Then on his head be it if he still tells you to go ahead.
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    Sometimes things have to fail. Just make sure by written record that you did everything to warn him. Cc his boss in your final warning. When the roof is burning they will look for someone to blame. It should not be you. Welcome to the business.
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    Thanks for the advice. He ended up listening and the deployment has been cancelled :)
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    @wojtek322 what I always do in such cases is telling them that, if they really insist, they sign a waiver, officially removing any liability or responsibility for any part whatsoever from my part and transferring all Liabilities and responsibilities and fitness for usage to their own person and that absolves any further obligation onto any part of the project ..

    They back down very fast from that.
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    Jira comment (why Jira? because every freaking time PM was not willing to understand the hellhole we're developing it was in a company with Jira) + email in writing.

    If no response - pleasant nudge/follow up.
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    @Nanos We managed to get him to agree to a meeting the same day and we did a demo of our feature... The demo was very buggy and he made the call himself to cancel the deployment.
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