That feeling when you can close/solve 2/3 of your tickets in a day WITHOUT HELP as a junior.


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    good job, from your rants I guess that you REALLY like your new job?
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    @ThatDude All kinds of hosting related stuffs :)
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    @linuxxx fix my email. It says incorrect password.
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    @penderis If it says your password is incorrect, you might want to enter 'incorrect' ;P
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    @linuxxx I will try that thank you. Also could you see why the site is showing that it can't find page 404, I am sure i created it yesterday. You should really fix your internets because it is fucking with my website. :p
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    @penderis Hmm weird how dutch 100kbs internet is fucking with your south african website :P
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    @linuxxx don't get snippy with me I will call your supervisor.
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    Omfg! Dude, do you have over 50k ++s?!!?😮
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    I would ask for help, if it takes too long to resolve. I assume you still help yourself by google, looking at existing stuff, some sort of information collection. Like debugger, source code, etc I understand the feeling though, so keeping up the good work. Hint: until you hit a bug which takes 2 weeks and still have no idea what is going on.
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