how do you resign with a bang?

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    Better don't close doors with your butt.

    Ppl in your current company will also move around to other companies and if you part in bad blood, that may affect your future employment opportunities.

    Being humble is a virtue.
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    !I resign

    There you go.
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    @sinisas is that what they're doing? Does that come from your experience?
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    @codingghost it is always better to part in good terms. Even if other side is incompetent, rude etc.
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    Ssh to server, type shutdown now,

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    If you do database work...

    DROP DATABASE db_name;

    Bye bye

    Please note: usage is at ones own will and I will not be held liable!
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    Leave some words of wisdom in the docs.
    to my successor,
    do not try to find the error by looking into JSF Stacktraces.

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