Do rubber ducks really help when debugging?

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    Yey they do.
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    Nah treeson works better
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    Well, I don’t look like a completely nut when yelling at my computer because something won’t work.

    Them: “who are you talking to”
    Me: “the duck”
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    Yes. Absolutely yes.
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    you don't need a rubber duck to do rubber duck debugging, the idea is to explain your code step by step to something as stupid as a rubber duck.

    putting an actual rubber duck on your desk is just an inside joke.
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    @balte, it doesn't really need to be something stupid. You don't even need to simplify the problem or make a ELI5-type version. You only need to try and explain it. You can just choose an actual person who doesn't know the problem, write in a text file, or a simple sheet of paper, and so on.
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    Non-tech people such as your girlfriend, your mom, etc. work too, as long as they don't get annoyed by it lol
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    For me they do. But my rubber duck is a stuffed animal... (company mascot).
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    Anyways, if rubber ducks isn't your thing, just ask yourself
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    I explain my code to the business analyst in my team. Works quite the same.
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    I use my little 2y/o sister for that. And YES it DOES help. a lot.
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