My high school teacher once asked me to make a digital clock that ticked slower the further away you were from the computer. That without any sensors or webcam or anything...

He had this notion computer's are magical machines that can do anything. And all that in VB out of all languages.

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    How the fuck was that supposed to be accomplished?
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    Doing it in VB is the dumbest feature request in the rant.
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    @marcogasta272 I know... But we had to. The course was probably just as old as the language. Don't ask me why it hasn't been updated.
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    @irene No purpose, it was an introduction course to programming. But I already knew a bit about programming so the teacher tried to gave me extra assignments. The thing is he was really old and had no idea how computers worked, therefor some of his assignments were literally impossible.
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    @QuanticoCEO To my knowledge it wasn't. The teacher wasn't supposed to give that course but no one else wanted to. So he just tried to use his imagination and keep us busy.
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    @QuanticoCEO Something involving the theory of relativity and moving at nearly the speed of light?
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    @rc5-asdf due to the project specs of not using sensors you idea would not meet the spec, Using the internal ADC would still be considered a “sensor” regardless though VB doesn’t have access to machine level hardware like the ADCs of ICs or the processor on the motherboard.

    It truly is impossible task due to the limitations, the teacher clearly thinks computers run on magic and I can garentee that the teacher doesn’t even know what an ADC is.... soooooo I guess I could get away with it but it would be difficult/impossible without some sort of hardware modification
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