Our website doesn't look the same on phone and desktop.

Please remove responsivness.

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    The irony.
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    On some projects this would be music to my ears.
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    Gladly, here’s a quote for the required work ...
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    *opens ticket*
    *closes ticket*
    *uploads resume*
    *writes resignation letter*

    Idk how much work you have in responsiveness, but it’s been the focus of almost 2 years across all platforms and is on ongoing for some of our internal stuff. If I got this message my give a fuck would officially be gone and I would be out the door.
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    Oh God... Please tell me this is a joke...
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    I'd prefer it if more websites did this. Mobile version is quite often reduced functionality or full of popups for their app.
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    @d4ng3r0u5 I’d just prefer it is websites did responsiveness properly. If you have a mobile version you are probably doing it wrong. We have a fully formed web platform complete with themes and update and photo manipulation tools that works the same on mobile as desktop. We are not a large company. It took a while but damnit it’s right.
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    @Cyanide the true irony here is that I rewrote the whole site to be especially responsive in the first place some weeks before they had this request...
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    @2nd2NULL Oh man that sucks.
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    @Cyanide nah, not really, at least they paid well...plus I already know what they want next...will be easy;)
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    @2nd2NULL Oh cool then :)
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    @d4ng3r0u5 @jeeper

    Yeah what many companies and developers/designers don't understand is that "responsive design" is not just cramming all content in a screen-wide column on mobile.

    The idea is that from tiny screens up to 4K monitors (and in both landscape and portrait), your website is a pleasure to use and offers all functionality.

    So you have to design all elements of every page with that in mind, thinking about them in terms of how they can dynamically flow, how to maximally use all the screen space available.

    A 960 pixel content div with oceans of white on a 4K screen? Looks stupid. Are paginated tables a good way to represent data? Probably not. Header/menu/logo at the top, with a navigation bar under it, and content under that? Now why would you copy that tiresome design...
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    Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha.... shit yeah I know these kinds of people.

    I have to explain to them that pushing above the fold is ridiculous and that websites will always look the same to the customer on their primary device.

    This is why you leave the webdev to the web developers.
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    Omg ...!! Lool
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