X: Can you link my Facebook account with the website?

Me: Yes. Can.

X: Good. I want to update website using Facebook since I know how to use Facebook well.

Me: πŸ’€

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    Customers.... They always have interesting ideas. By interesting I mean scary.
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    @zuck If you ever implement this idea, remember, it originated here.
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    Forgot to type the space, wanted to (virtually) tag Mark Zuckerberg.
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    That doesn't sound half-bad. Listen to his feed and add content according to it πŸ˜€ (the shit he's posting was called a feed right?)
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    @PRein and coinmaster posts
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    This is basically what https://ekko.site/ does
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    @JonStodle Google showed me this when I try one of their demo sites 😁
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    @mrlinnth 😬
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    Ahahaha what a coincidence, I've encountered a similar situation a few months ago as well xD
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    Hahaha holyshit 14,99 euro / month

    Looks like its time for competition
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    What the actual fuck?
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    It actually can be done with a chatbot.
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    Blog post implementation could be relatively simple.

    Every status update to end with "/blog" can automatically publish a new blog on the site πŸ˜‚
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    It's always frustrating when people have no idea what they just asked of you...
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    You want me to do what? Right...
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