In a meeting after I explained that the user passwords will be encrypted before we save them in the database

Them: "Please don't do that, we don't want to change our clients data"

Me: " so we should save the clear text?"

Them: "Yes"


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    Don't even encrypt..

    Or double hash the salted hash of the peppered password. And don't use a broken hashing algorithm

    @linuxxx how am I doing daddy?
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    @BambuSource Just use BCrypt with its build in functions, it'll take care of the salt itself :)
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    These are the idiots that are responsible for data breaches. They want to believe they know better than the engineers, but they know sh*t.
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    @linuxxx Seriously? I didn't knew that haha. I use bcrypt when I can with a generated salt.
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    @Jifuna Bcrypt takes care of that if you use it properly, yes :)
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    Yes, please don't MD5 them. If people get a hold on that DB, they will be cracked in days instead of ... Years, I think. Use bcrypt like linuxxx said.
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    Take this in writing. So when in future any data breaches happens and they call you to blame. You can show the written document.
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    Never suggest plain text storage just say you store it securely unaltered muggles won't know the difference. And when using PHP just use password_hash and password_verify functions (hard to implement that wrong and uses bcrypt at be the moment will be improved over time automatically)
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    As some wise guy said, the passwords are not yours to store. You shouldn't do this even if your boss tells you to.
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