Me-Hey, did you install linux?

Friend:- Uh, No. Currently using Ubuntu, I'll install Linux later.

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    Well your friend is not wrong. Just think about it.
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    That sounds adorable
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    @MateTea42 well being a technical asshole as I am, technically Ubuntu is a Linux distro so what his friend said is like saying you don't have a dog but you do have a golden retriever
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    @MatanRad edited it just to make it clearer that it's a joke so I don't look like a condescending asshole 🤗
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    Yeah I thought about that aspect too but wanted to make a joke myself as yes Ubuntu is a linux distro.
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    Maybe he means the Ubuntu Linux Kernel (which includes nonfree shit I think. Not sure) and he wants to compile his own vanilla Linux later
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    there's a reason they're using Ubuntu
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    @moars42 we all know what he means. Yes it is GNU/linux but seriously no need to make the ammend.
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    Accurate answer.
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    @MateTea42 it's just a prank bro
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    through text it is a bit difficult to tell because there are people that do exactly that. I am sorry if what I said came across harsh. It wasn't meant to come across that way.
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    Being the technical asshole that I am, a better comparison would be to say that I asked my friend if he got a four-cylinder, and he'd respond, "no, I got a Civic."
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    @bahua well you aren't wrong... But.. Hm...
    Ok ok you win 😂
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    Technically, Ubuntu is not Linux. They don't share the same kernel, which is arguably the thing that gives Linux distributions their name.

    Ubuntu is close to its parent, much closer than Android for example, and almost all features in the Linux kernel are directly copied to Ubuntu.

    But note that the Linux brand is carefully avoided by Ubuntu.

    The kernel is called the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel, on the website you just see "The Ubuntu Desktop". Only on their blog they mention Linux sporadically, often referring to other distributions or Linux tooling in general.
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    Linux IS the kernel. And the kernel Ubuntu uses absolutely is Linux. Also, compiling your own kernel for use with Ubuntu doesn't keep it from being Ubuntu. It may possibly be argued though that Ubuntu is not GNU.
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    @bahua We could easily get into a Ship of Theseus argument here. 😁
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    No, linux is still just a kernel. When referring to a fully compliant operating system, the term is GNU/Linux, and Debian absolutely complies with the GNU/Linux specification. Ubuntu steers a little wide, but it still definitely uses the Linux kernel, and all the hardware support and features it provides, along with a mountain of GNU software.
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