Hello everyone,
I am a french student and I was wondering if college sucks everywhere ...
This is my third college year and I have the feeling that I am wasting my time.

I am in a quite good engineering school but most of the programming courses suck because «teachers» are clueless about the course that they give.

I am not here to tell that «I am better than them blabla» but I just wanted to know if the quality of education has slightly dropped not only in France.

I am really interested in your opinion, feel free to debate in the comments :)

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    The way I see it college is just a place where you have to wait for a few years to get a piece of paper so you can get a job. So basically the same as school. Whether you consider it a waste of time is purely up to you
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    Went to Ensimag in France and definitely didn't feel ripped off. What's your school?
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    What about your old one Jonny ?

    I agree with you karwler, imo it's a waste of time because I usually have so much work to do that I can't find time to code for fun, and when there is no work I have no motivation anymore :/

    Sadly in France, whiteboard test or things like that to prove you're a consistant programmer are hardly ever seen in jobs interview, the "paper" is what matters the most :(

    Thanks for sharing your opinions guys ;)
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    I just go to college because they have high speed Internet and that helps me alot to learn what I like rather than sleeping in boring lectures 😊

    And am pretty damn fucking sure am not the only one like this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @htlr me too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    @willol It's called Isima, but it was the same in my technical degree which was supposed to be good too...
    I think ensimag is more «prestigious» than my school

    @htlr @darkshadow I'll do the same if I wasn't supposed to attend every course XD
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    French student here, lemme talk a bit about our wonderful school system. I went in both public and private schools. Public isn't that bad, since they require teachers with at least "bac+5". Private schools might be shitty since they are basically companies that can hire whoever they want, as long as you pay for thé school. But hey, we need these diplomas πŸ‘Œ
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    @Piwaye what is your experience with private school then ?
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    @Hazreath I think they are mostly only a way to get a better diploma. You won't learn many new things if you already try to learn by yourself. But since recruiters now look for qualified people only according to their diplomas, it's an easy way to get along with this.

    If you really wanna learn things, go for public schools, it might be harder but you'll be way more satisfacted after it
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    @trubesv "i dun agre wiz u" stfu i own the only one truth here and...

    Just kidding πŸ˜‚ I was only giving my thoughts about it based on my own experience. Since we were coming from many different schools, teachers had to make sure everyone catched up to the same level. It ended in many boring lessons for a lot of us.

    I agree with you, students global mindset influes on the global experience. But I also encountered teachers that were here only to cash up their salary and not giving a single gull shit about their lessons (in both public and private schools). It's all about your environment.
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    Well looks like privates are not all «bad»
    Thanks for sharing your opinion with me !
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    Perhaps...I enjoyed classes with many teachers but I'm glad I'm done with it, I love work, I learned the most important things about programming by myself.
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    I think it's a blessing to learn with professors who are accomplished in their field and can challenge you on an intellectual level. These professors like and sometimes reward you when you pick their brains. This, according to me, is a healthy learning environment everyone must aim for. This blessing is hard earned. Study hard to be able to get in one of these colleges and see your life and future change in front of your eyes.
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    Based on experience from my friends the most of the universities here in Czech Rep suck as well ranging from economics to IT. Apparently most of the professors are just detached from working reality.
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    @JonnyCodewalker Sounds like Technische Universität Wien vs FH Technikum Wien
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    42 42 42 42 42 42 42
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    oof usually core classes here suck (USA)
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    I used to think it was only India's condition...good to knowπŸ˜…
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    @gofrendi thanks, having a teacher point of view here is really important to me.
    I am aware that being an IT teacher is a difficult thing but I think that you are not a bad one, especially if you recognize that «you failed». I was mainly talking about teachers that really don't give a f' about what they teach, and yelling at you if you happen to think outside the box.
    Keep in mind that the objective of this post was not to thrash teachers ;)

    @dauie to be honest I thought about 42 but I am afraid that I will just become Free's slave, since they are running the school. Are you in 42, if yes what is your opinion on this ?
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    Im at 42US (were about a year old and still growing) and I love the program. Im a year in, and am very happy with how well I can code. I have about 2 more years until I finish and Im excited to see what Ill be able to do then. But, you have to be very drive. I put in 8+ hours a day usually seven days a week. Lately ive been taking off on Sundays. But the quality of how the curriculum is setup is great. Its entirely hands on. You just come in, sign up for projects, get a pdf that gives you an idea of whats expected, and you figure it out. No teachers, no lectures, but your peers expect your best, and no one will think twice about failing you if your project isnt up to snuff, so you fail alot and keep on trying until its perfect. You'll write for your first year in C mostly, and you'll do projects like rewriting printf, ls, making your own wireframe, rewriting wolf3d, corewar, creating your own robust shell, and this is all done with your own personal c library. You cant use libraries for your projects, pretty much everything is off-limits. You will be able to use write() and malloc, and thats about it. So its very challenging but hella fun. Try the piscine the trial period to get in, and it will give you a great taste of what its like.

    Good luck if you go!
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    @dauie this is getting close of what I originally expected from an enginner school to be :)
    I'll investigate further thanks
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