My class just got cancelled because the professor's PC decided now's the perfect time to update!

Gotta love windows sometimes :D

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    That is why I always disable windows update service, and only turn it on when I need to check for updates
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    @Kingfisher Haha winRant coming up? XD
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    Can’t this stuff just be fixed by moving windows update.exe or whatever its called to a different folder? Seems like an awfully annoying feature..
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    I did that on purpose once, I was the only tech savy guy in the class, so I could mess with the teachers pc. He had no idea of pcs, so I had to help him most of the time. Changed the update scedule so it would always update during class. Got an afternoon worth of detention for it😂😂
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    Guess your class implements cancellable 🙉
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