Recruiter answered me


They decided to choose another candidate because... [the reason will be announced at the end of this rant]


I was working on my project

I am learning new tech

And shitting 10 times a day from these jobs and recruiters, the usual me

HE the recruiter contacted me a few days ago

HE offered me nodejs position

I AM the one who was HONEST and told him i dont work in nodejs i work in java

HE then continued the conversation

HE offered me a java spring boot backend position

I AM the one who read the requirements

REQUIREMENTS: 3+ years of experience

I AM the one who told him i have 5+ years of java spring boot and 8+ years of java experience.

HE said great I'll contact the clients and let them know


"unfortunately they chose some other candidate because they need someone with 10+ years of experience for this role"


Are you fuc



Wasting my Fucking time?

You decide to slam into my peace and offer me a job position with ALL THE REQUIREMENTS I FULFILL, JUST TO RANDOMLY REJECT ME FOR AN INVALID FUCKING REASON?

If i said i had 10 years of experience

They would reject me because i dont have 15+

If i had 15+ years of experience i would get rejected for not having 30+

If i had 30+ years of experience fucking your whole family and bombing them to dust like in palestine till their bones die and worms eat your fucking down syndrome brains, they would say i need 160+ year of experience

Fyck you

From the bottom

Of my fucking balls and cum

From my fucking dick

From my fucking shit and asshole

From my vomit

I wish you death.

I wish karma to kill all of their family members (the clients who rejected me) slowly one by one. Final destination accidents type of deaths. Truly i hope you and wish you the worst.

[Here the intro continues]

I will repeat again:
- REQUIREMENTS: 3+ years

I have:
- 8+ years

They rejected me because:
- I don't have 10+ years

I told all of this to recruiter now. Politely but because im losing my patience i was very very passive aggressive with my response. In the context of

1. I TRULY dont give a fuck for your rejection (which is the truth)

2. Your clients are low IQ dumb as fucking retards because they choose people based on the YEARS OF EXPERIENCE

3. Explained him: IF YOU ARE SO FUCKING STUPID TO UNDERSTAND THIS COMMON SENSE, I'LL EXPLAIN IT TO YOU: CHOOSING DEVS SOLELY BASED ON THE YEARS OF EXPERIENCE MEANS YOU ARE FUCKING STUPUD. There are devs with 2 years of experience who are WAY smarter better efficient and more knowledgeable than some devs with 5-7 OR MORE years of experience. Thats because some people progress better faster or more efficiently in 2 years while others need 5 years. Etc. You're fucking stupid as shit for this sole decision

4. Indirectly let him know that i am not pissed off for rejection. I am pissed off for my time being FUCKING WASTED.

5. Also pointed him out: your job description says its looking for a dev with 3+ years of experience i told you i have 8+ and you reject me because I don't have 10+. Are you Fucking stupid? Fuck you. Truly fuck off. Get the fuck off my dick and eat the shits i shit straight out of my asshole. I'll shit in your fucking mouth you fucking bitch. Your wife also probably fucks some other guys while you're at work and she doesnt respect you or love you. In the matter of fact give me your fucking wife/gf and I'll Fucking fuck her to death

To the clients once again: Truly i hope Hamas fires a missile at israel but misses and hits your fucking home and your whole fucking family blows up to atoms and particles. Completely erased from existence.

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    I will now google to learn how to build a satanic totem and perform a voodoo ritual that will create a curse upon those clients who i never met before but know how they're called. I will ensure this Satanic Totem creates destruction depression and chaos in their (clients) lives. It shall make their whole business go bankrupt and their whole family dies of accident deaths while they (clients) are alive. As they watch and suffer in such pain watching their whole life fall apart and they go homeless begging to get a job but everyone rejects them because they don't have 230+ years of experience, The Totem will then finish them off by them tripping over and falling where their bones break and they get a flesh eating disease on the street homeless and started doing drugs that now eat their bones and develop terminal cancer with 0% chance of survival. Then they go to doctor to fix cancer but doctor rejects them for not having worked 672+ yrs of experience. No pension. Certain. Painful. Death.
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    dude, welcome to the hell that is the job search

    i built a saas app that writes your redux slices for you, and the guy hiring me said... (get this) i don't have enough experience with redux 😂😂😂😂

    i've also had interactions on github with the famous... DAN ABRAMOV!!!

    but yes, i am idiotic rube and document reader retard knows more than me... its okay

    you must begin to learn: its just clowns all the way down

    think of it this way: your goal is just to find the org where the clownishness is low enough that they understand your competence levels

    any other org isn't good enough for you!

    trust me, i've wasted almost a DECADE (A FUCKING DECADE!!!!) of my life at places like this because i was too nice... basically all it does is that you just end up chugging whiskey, probably not where you want to be (but maybe if you like shitting so much, could be)

    cheers & best of luck,

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    also want to mention... remember that for recruiters, all these words are too big and hurt their small little brains... all they have is tiny winy wittle list of requirwment dat dey need to fill...

    they don't know the first fucking difference between java and javascript

    again... take some wisdom from the old bitter dev... don't waste your time raging, its really not worth it
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    holy shit hahahaha read the final points in this post

    goddamn this guy takes rage to another level

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    Job searching has a huge luck component to it. If every dev was good and it’s totally based on skill we wouldn’t have devrant! Btw it sucks he wanted 10 years instead of 8…what could 2 years possibly add if you already have 8? It’s not like going from 1 year to 3 years
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    @TeachMeCode job post says they want 3+ years. But they want 10+. Make this fucking make sense
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    @fullstackcircus your recruiter doesnt know what redux is, my CEO of a startup on yesterday's interview has no clue what terraform is but is interviewing me about a devops role. If these types of low intelligence creatures are able to get hired somewhere or even start their own company. This motivates me beyond what you can imagine because it means i can do the same and even much better than them. Unless i am under some ritualistic totem and cursed to Not have luck. You need luck to succeed. Obviously you need luck more than you need knowledge to succeed. More than you need any degree. More than you need any experience. More than anything everything anywhere and everywhere > having luck outperforms all. Luck is God
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    @b2plane yeah that’s super deceptive. Plus he wasted your time knowing they want 10 years
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    @b2plane I love reading shit about “devs” spending an entire year getting paid without a single PR. They literally do nothing and get paid big bucks….
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    @b2plane I really hope for you to land the job you deserve.

    Someone close to me on e told me that, when an opportunity is missed for whatever reason, it might mean that better opportunity was meant for you to come later.

    Meanwhile, try to enjoy life and I wish you and your family the best.
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    @Alexanderr i cant even get hired at a job in which i fucking specialize. I tried lying i have senior devops experience to which i passed technical interview and still they didnt ever hire me for over a month. Imagine how disastrous it would end if i lied im a senior nodejs. Because all of these fuckshits only ever hire seniors now. Nobody ever wants a junior. And less than 1% hires medior. Dont know what the fuck is going on
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    @NeatNerdPrime i keep wondering. Is the reason God doesnt let me get a job, because i deserve something much more? I deserve much more wealth that will be generated by my side project i build my self? Wealth that can never be accumulated even by 100 jobs for 100 years? It seems like thats starting to be the case for me. I just dont have luck in jobs. Hopefully i have luck in my side project
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    @Alexanderr no this is europe. Also don't quit your job you most likely wont be able to get a new one in todays economy. No idea what the fuck is going on. You can try doing interviews at some other companys and if they accept to hire you Then quit in your current job. But youll see for yourself how everybody is hiring but nobody wants to hire. Everyone in this corporate world is a fucking clown
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    I think it’s a combination of the 2nd half of the year being a shit time to find a new role and the economy. It should get a lot better when next year starts
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