Was originally hired for 3 months.

Just finished the project 2 weeks ago, after 1.5 years.

I fucking hate data science now.

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    Geez, that bad? Organisational incompetence, arduous task, or both?
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    here are a few
    * i was the only one hired as a data analyst
    * everybody working on the data were fucking phd maths students
    * they couldnt even generate noise ffs
    * new feature requests were daily
    * the web team couldnt host for 1 fucking month because the sysadmin was on a vacation and they didnt give them server access
    * half the way through we switched from c++ to java (thank God)
    * they didnt want to pay for a separate calculation server so everything ran from one intel xeon
    * so i had to wait DAYS to finish bigger sets
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    @BindView oh wow. That sounds horrible! I kind of wonder if I should charge as much as I do in this industry or if we're overpaid, but when tasks like this are what you're hired for it's justified. Doubly so if they don't even have the proper equipment or team and you're essentially a one man show.

    This is why I think data scientists shouldn't be math students. Data science should be a CS/IT major that has the math bits thrown in. That way they'll actually be able to implement the crap they learn!
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    When there is no Scrum Master :painful
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    Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that! It's kind of sad to loose a fellow data scientist :'(

    I hope you'll find something more thrilling to you and have a bunch of luck 🍀 for your present and future - even without the data science :O
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    I hate machine learning, curve fitting 😑
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    @Anjan1730-1 they hate you too
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    @BindView there should be balance
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