So I wanted to send an email to Microsoft to request a feature in their new "To-Do" app.

I went to the play store and scrolled down to the end where it says "Send an email to developer".

Clicked on that. And here is the email address:


😑 😑

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    Might as well be middlefinger.screwyou@wedontcare.com
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    I have a list with features I would like to have in todo.. if I have some time I will write them somthing like a mail... somehow...
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    @cvonderstein Write a letter with a printed ToDo list of your most wanted features. Maybe then they will realize that they need to implement a #@&* share function.:)
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    That's hilariously infuriating.
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    Haha, might as well send it to /dev/null
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    Play Store shows me "todohelp@microsoft.com" when I go to their ToDo App
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    "Hello, this is Microsoft Support. How the fuck did you get this number?"
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    Hey, you got 7 likes on this rant. Be happy!
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    My number 1 request for to do apps: make the stuff on them happen.

    That's the only part where it fails, I make lists of things which need to be done, but those things rarely happen, and when they do there's a lot of lag.
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    @illusion466 please make it forwarding to microsoft.com 😂
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    I had to check it on my own to believe it!
    (and I still don't believe it 😂)
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    Haha and I thought only people at Apple are fuck
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    Not the case anymore...
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