Note that the example tags for rants includes Xcode... There is a reason.

In 1984 Apple introduced Macintosh and we got a computer that could barely handle multiple windows on the screen. But by 1986 multiple windows all over the place.

In 1985 Microsoft introduced Window 1.0 Yes boys and girls, no "s" because it hand only one Window. 7 years later in 1992 Microsoft got their head out of their ass and produced "MDI" or Multiple Document Interface and woohoo, had multiple windows on the screen... big boy pants 8 years after Mac.

Today we have Xcode from Apple. The old Window 1.0 engineers are apparently alive and well as Xcode is a One Window Trick Pony and if you fight with it, it starts randomly jamming your separate Windows into tabs into one window, completely fucking up your spatial organization of your working source code.

It is like the bastards going into a blind man's house and re-arranging his furniture for fun.

Xcode - it's only free if your time is worth absolutely nothing.

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    I can't really tell...

    But I think...


    You hate xcode or something.
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    If your time is worth nothing. Lol
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    You don't have to use Xcode, just gave it installed iirc
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    @Condor It's not even that. (although I am not arguing with you)

    Xcode is an abomination from the workflow and human interface perspective on it's own macOS platform. It violates principles of the system which can be compared in Finder and Mail.

    What is really worse is that developers will develop products that seem natural to them because they are copying the dumbass functionality or "fee" of Xcode into their product... thus propagating the piss poor design without even knowing it.

    Don't mind if Apple tightly controls things as long as they have superior engineering. Xcode is NOT superior engineering.
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    @AlgoRythm It is mental abuse. You can't live with it, you can't live without it, and worse... you can't put it in a blender
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