Tomorrow i have to go into the office and work for 8 hours for $0/hour, building a project that includes backend in java, bash scripting, ci/cd and building the whole devops infrastructure and deploying that backend on cloud provider through terraform docker kubernetes, aside from being tested in theory for those 8 hours in-person,

all of this as a form of 1 technical interview after which they will decide if they move forward with me or reject me.

Do you think this is fair?

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    definitely not fair. That's just them trying to get free work. Complete waste of your time
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    Don't fall for it. That's a scam.
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    @Hazarth @SidTheITGuy what am i supposed to do
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    @b2plane That's for you to decide.
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    @b2plane simple. decide if you wanna let them exploit you, or rather just not go.
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    @b2plane call them out on it. Tell them that It's unreasonable to expect an entire workday of work just for an interview and that you respectfully refuse.

    If they want to test your skills further than an interview call or two they should take you in for a trial period (paid), that's why those exists in the first place. Not sure how it is in your country but here a trial period lasts 3 months in which time both the employee and employer can terminate the contract at any point with I think at most 1month notice (or till the end of the period, whichever comes first)
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    @b2plane send them a bill after

    (I'm kinda joking, I doubt they would comply)
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    I did do this. I actually like this approach to show what I'm worth. Tbh, it's for something you're gonna work for EVERY day. It should be worth a day investment.

    Edit: something I would never do again is a cognitive test. Ffs, that's pain. I know I pass it but just won't anymore
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    @retoor it's not a simple "test", though.

    it's a full day of work.

    so it should be PAID a full day of work, regardless of whether one gets the job or not.

    tbh, it's for _someone_ who's gonna work for the employer EVERY day. it should be worth a days pay investment to them.

    don't defend greedy companies.
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