// devRant unofficial UWP update (v2.0.0-beta)

After several concepts, about 11 months of development (keep in mind that I released 20 updates for v1 in the meantime, so it wasn't a continous 11 months long development process) and a short closed beta phase, v2 is now available for everyone (as public beta)! :)

I tried to improve the app in every aspect, from finally responsive and good looking UI on Desktop version to backend performance improvements, which means that I almost coded it from scratch.
There are also of course a few new features (like "go to bottom" in rants), and more to come.

It's a very huge update, and unfortunately to move forward, improve the UI (add Fluent Design) and make it at the same level of new UWP apps, I was forced to drop the supported for these old Windows 10 builds:
- Threshold 1 (10240)
- Threshold 2 (10586)

Too many incompatiblity issues with the new UI, and for 1 person with a lot of other commitments outside this project (made for free, just for passion), it's impossible to work at 3 parallel versions of the same app.
I already done something like that during these 11 months (every single of the 20 updates for v1 needed to be implemented a second time for v2).

During the closed beta tests, thanks to the awesome testers who helped me way too much than I ever wished, I found out that there are already incompatiblity issues with Anniversary Update, which means that I will support two versions:
1) One for Creators Update and newer builds.
2) One for Anniversary Update (same features, but missing Fluent Design since it doesn't work on that OS version, and almost completly rewritten XAML styles).

For this reason v2 public beta is out now for Creators Update (and newer) as regular update, and will be out in a near future (can't say when) also for the Anniversary Update.
The users with older OS versions (problem which on PC could be solved in 1-2 days, just download updates) can download only the v1.5.9 (which probably won't be supported with new updates anymore, except for particular critcal bug fixes).

So if you have Windows 10 on PC and want to use v2 today, just be sure you have Creators Update or Fall Creators Update.
If you have Windows 10 PC with Anniversary Update, update it, or if you don't want to do that, wait a few weeks/months for the update with support for your build.
If you have an older version on PC, update it, or enjoy v1.5.9.
If you have Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update, update it (if it's possible for your device), or just wait a few weeks/months for the update with support for your build.
If you have Windows 10 Mobile, and because of Microsoft stupid policy, you can't update to Anniversary Update, enjoy v1.5.9, or try the "unofficial" method (registry hack) to update to a newer build.

I hope it's enough clear why not everyone can receive the update today, or at all. :P

Now I would like to thank a few people who made this possible.
As always, @dfox who is always available for help me with API implementations.
@thmnmlist, who helped me a lot during this period with really great UI suggestions (just check out his twitter, it's a really good person, friend, designer and artist: https://twitter.com/thmnmlist).
And of course everyone of the closed beta testers, that reported bugs and precious suggestions (some of them already implemented, others will arrive soon).

The order is random:

Changelog of v2.0.0-beta:
- New UI with Fluent Design and huge improvements for Desktop;
- Added native support for Fall Creators Update (Build 16299);
- Changed minimum supported version to Creators Update (Build 15063), support for Anniversary Update (Build 14393) will arrive soon;
- Added mouse support for Pull-To-Refresh;
- Added ability to change your username and email;
- Added ability to filter (by 'Day', 'Week', 'Month' and 'All') the top Rants;
- Added ability to open rant links in-app;
- Added ability to zoom GIFs (just tap on them in the Rant View);
- Added 'go to bottom' button in the Rant View (if more than 3 comments);
- Added new theme ('Total Black');
- ...complete changelog in-app and on my website (can't post it here because of the 5000 characters limit)...

What will arrive in future updates:
- 'Active Discussions' screen so you can easily find rants that have recent comments/discussions;
- Support for 'Collabs';
- Push Notifications (it was postponed and announced too many times...);
- More themes and themes options;
- and more...

If you still didn't download devRant unofficial UWP, do it now: https://microsoft.com/store/apps/...
If you find some bugs or you have feature suggestion, post it on the Issue Tracker on GitHub (thanks in advance for your help!): https://github.com/JakubSteplowski/...

I hope you will enjoy it! ;)

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    Heads off to your effort. I will look for a windows system to try it out.
  • 4
    This looks amazing, great job there! Keep it up
  • 4
    Can I contribute in it?
  • 10
    @MCCshreyas Thanks, but I'm not sure you would like to code in VB.NET. 😝
    Anyway, at least for now, it isn't open source, maybe in future it will become. πŸ˜‰
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    @JS96 Oh, new update! It's like Christmas everyday! πŸ˜ƒ
  • 7
    @Qaldim so prepare for another Christmas tomorrow, v2.0.0-beta2 is coming. πŸ˜‚

    (maybe later today if Microsoft certificate it faster)
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    It looks amazing! I love the acrylic 😍
  • 2
    Is there any way to go back to 1.5.9 ?
  • 3
    @CozyPlanes 😨 why?
  • 1
    @JS96 I thought it was in C#. 😏😏.
    So it's in VB. Ohhh you still use it! Ohhh great...... Good luck.
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    Testing the app for the first time, I like it, except for the font. It's really, not confortable to read, somehow.
  • 5
    @Totchinuko Thanks for your opinion. :)
    I will add the ability to change to the default Windows 10 font (Segoe UI) in a future update.
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    @JS96 My eyes thanks you kind sir =)
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    Congrats! Time to take a well earned break i say! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
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    Congrats!! It's really awesome!
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    This is so good! It feels so... Fluent!
    (See what I did there?)
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    Holographic ranting is now a thing!
  • 5
    Thank you for the effort man @JS96 ! Such a responsive dev, a person who listens even to the most insane suggestions and also a person who marks his GitHub issues with the iconic "soon™" tag πŸ˜„
    I'm proud to be part of the beta testers 😊
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    Looks awesome ;)
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    Finally somebody that gets design, function and everything else right, this is damn amazing, good job, finally not some hacked together shitty devrant clone, but an actual extension to the webbrowser app!
  • 3
    Wow, Fluent design! Great work man.
  • 5
    @dontbeevil nope, it's just a border. :)
    I didn't use the NavigationView since it's not compatible with Anniversary and Creators Updates.
  • 3
    @JS96 lololol. The classic trick ☺️
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    @JS96 it has been a real pleasure using it since day 1 of closed beta :)
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    Awesome update man!
    Been using it almost every day.
    High praise to you and devRant.
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    Isn't devRantron already very popular..?
  • 5
    @Cyanite this has been there even before they started devrantron
  • 6
    @Cyanite I prefer this devrant client over devrantron, simply because of design and the 16 seconds respond time to github issues
  • 9
    Awesome, congrats, looks great!!
  • 3
    @Cyanite JS's client existed before devRantron, but it's windows only.

    @JoshBent yeah totally understandable. I absolutely love his design 😍
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    I desperately need line breaks in that post πŸ˜•
  • 4
    @aaxa there are πŸ€”
  • 1
    @JS96 This is what I see... Almost unreadable
  • 7
    @aaxa it's different in real life... it seems a bug in the Android app @dfox

    I see it correctly on iOS, Windows 10 and on the web version.
  • 1
    Cool πŸ˜„ thanks
  • 1
    @JS96 That's pretty weird though, since all other rants formatting are working just fine πŸ€”
  • 4
    @aaxa true... try to open my other rants, maybe it's something releated to the formatting used on my app that on Android doesn't work. I hope not.
  • 2
    @JS96 Some of your rants are fine. Other are not. All your updates on the app (like this rant) is not formatted. And some others are not as well. Might look like it's one of your devices.
  • 7
    Ok, I found the reason... substantially in my rants for some reason the linebreak is "\r" in other rants is "\r\n" or "\n". πŸ™ƒ
  • 9
    Ok, I fixed this. Thanks for the report @aaxa!

    Releasing v2.0.0-beta3 (and v1.5.10 for older builds).
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    I started stalking your profile after I saw that you were a fellow VB.NET fan.....man...this is amazing!! You got some beautiful skills!!
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    @Jop- working on it. It will be available in the next update in a few days/weeks. ;)
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    @AleCx04 Thanks! :)
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    Basically as soon as a scaling option for the interface comes out, I will be changing exclusively to this client! very well done.
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    @JS96 I also just read in the changelogs "Android" - there's an android version?
  • 6
    @JoshBent on Android there is the official app. I mentioned Android in the changelog, because rants and comments posted using my app were not correctly formatted on the official Android app. So the Android users saw differently your posts.
  • 5
    @JS96 Thanks for the font update. Love it so much <3
  • 8
    @Totchinuko I never ignore users' requests. πŸ˜‰
  • 2
    @JS96 I would keep me updated when you open source it
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    thats alot of if satements.. maybe use a switch next time
  • 0
    @dontbeevil nope
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