HR: you didn’t write in your job experience that you know kubernetes and we need people who know it.

Me: I wrote k8s

HR: What’s that ?

Do you know docker ?
Do you know what docker is ?
Do you use cloud ?
Can you read and write ?
Are you able to open the door with your left hand ?
What if we cut your hands and tell you to open the doors, how would you do that ?
What are your salary expectations?
Do you have questions, I can’t answer but I can forward them. Ask question, ask question, questions are important.
What is minimal wage you will agree to work ?
You wrote you worked with xy, are you comfortable with yx ?
We have fast hiring process consisting of 10 interviews, 5 coding assessments, 3 talks and finally you will meet the team and they will decide if you fit.
Why do you want to work … here ?
Why you want to work ?
How dare you want to work ?
Just find work, we’re happy you’re looking for it.
What databases you know ?
Do you know nosql databases ?
We need someone that knows a,b,c,d….x,y,z cause we use 1,2,3 … 9,10.
We need someone more senior in this technology cause we have more junior people.
Are you comfortable with big data?
We need someone who spoke on conference cause that’s how we validate that people can speak.
I see you haven’t used xy for a while ( have 5 years experience with xy ) we need someone who is more expert in xy.
How many years of experience you have in yz ??? (you need to guess how many we want cause we look for a fortune teller )

Not much changed in job hunting, taking my time to prepare to leetcode questions about graphs to get a job in which they will tell me to move button 1px to the left.

Need to make up some stories about how I was bad person at work and my boss was angry and told me to be better so I become better and we lived happy ever after. How I argued with coworkers but now I’m not arguing cause I can explain. How bad I was before and how good I am now. Cause you need to be a better person if you want to work in our happy creepy company.

Because you know… the tree of DOOM… The DOMs day.

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    Sounds about right.
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    "finally you will meet the team who will decide if you fit"

    "Move button 1px to the left"

    These are real words of sheer Wisdom and Interviewing experience
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    Send linkedin message or email to their CTO with what the recruiter wrote. Grab popcorn.
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    What did you used and are comfortable in using regarding CSS?

    I used and applied good practices with:
    - vanilla CSS, also used variables, with flex and grid of course
    - SASS, LESS, Stylus, PostCSS with plugins, css-in-js, jss, styled components, classnames aka cx
    - bootstrap, foundation, bulma, MUI, TailwindCSS

    Yeah, its all great, but we are looking for someone who used CSS modules.

    This is actual convo from the interview.

    Now I just say that I used it all and ask what they are using and I say random number of years of experience. Its the same shit if you know basic CSS anyway.
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    @mucalena that is ... brilliant!
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