I'm sure some here can relate.

(From "Dark Humor" FB page)

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    he is just lucky he can still look and not gone full blind to meet the deadline lol
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    Hold on a second.
    Is that guy doing the Hitler sign lmao
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    @gitpull Hitler was quite the rip-off when it comes to symbolism. The eagle is borrowed from Roman stuff he idolised. The swastika is an ancient good luck symbol https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    So when you see it out of contexts please value it at it's original meaning.
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    @gitpull @gitpush guys it just occurred to me you posted in the wrong order. Pull before you push ideally @gitcommit happens as well
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    @hjk101 accidents happen 😛
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    @gitblame just checking 🤔
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    I completed a project in 3 days with just 2-3 hours of sleep day and after completing I expected some appreciation from the boss.

    But he game me another project today which has to be delivered by Thursday and went on vacation.

    Forget about comp off I cannot imagine how will I manage to complete it.

    PS: I worked on SAT/SUN
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