"fullstack" doesn't mean "3 IT guys for the price of 1"

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    and I thought it is just where I live, it seems everyone is taking advantage of it -.-
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    I guess a full stack developer is really just a generalist.
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    This is a joke right?
    Of course it means 3 for the price of one, otherwise I got the wrong end of that stick.
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    @C0D4 why? Not saying get three for price of three but at least three for price of two. Unless you have a different opinion
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    Finally someone has ranted about this! 😂
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    Fullstack is a lie.

    Development is complex, and things move fast.

    Yeah sure, most backend devs can puzzle together bootstrap templates and pour some jquery on top, and maybe they've followed a few react tutorials. But making stuff look pretty and responsive, optimizing nice animated svgs... if you don't do that stuff fulltime, you'll be freaking slow at it.

    And the other way around... I've rarely seen a frontend dev with deep understanding of stored procedures or indexes in SQL.

    I mean, I love diving into stuff all over the stack and doing some noob design stuff. But business-wise, it's stupid to hire generalists over specialists.
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    True. I was thinking about it last week. Also, the productivity will be faster for a fullstack dev than with a frontend and backend guy in a work atmosphere
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    My understandment of "Fullstack": the connector between the three. The Fourth Musketeer. The d'Artagnan.

    What do you guys think?

    I mean, in my opinion, a fullstack would:

    - Prepare a MVC framework, but not write any router or controller. Just leave it ready for Backend guys to start building logic.
    - Prepare some Grunt/Gulp/Bower/Whatever JS stuff tasks, with folders where you drop CSS and JS, run a magic command, and they get minified. Just leave it ready for Frontend guys to start building JS and CSS with their framework of choice properly in place.
    - Prepare environment files (.htaccess, environment configuration, etc) with examples that work on a production environment. Just leave it ready for DevOps guys to build a continuous integration and etc.
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    The worst decision I made in my life was work as a fullstack. Just one guy handling the work three guys should do is crazy!
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    @ysads Best decision of your life to learn it, worst to keep working like that.

    Specialize into the stuff you're good at, and keep watching the other fields from the corners of your eyes.
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    Doesnt it mean one guy that does the job of 3, but each part only mediocrely...
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    out of scope @Thatdude now we have @gitoutofhere :D
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    @ThatDude he will regret joining devRant under that name :p
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    Looks kinda like a 3 headed Ajit Pie
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    Find me a "fullstack" developer who isn't just a JavaScript developer using a million frameworks to do a bunch of things he doesn't understand.
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