Interviewer: We have an opening. Are you interested to work?

Me: What is that I'll be doing?

I: What technologies and languages do you know?

Me: I know Scala, Java, Spark, Angular, Typescript, blah blah. What is your tech stack?

I: Any experience working on frontend?

Me: Yes. But what do you use for it?

I: Can you work with databases?

Me: I can, on SQL based. What are yours?

I: Can you do big data processing?

Me: I know Spark, if that's what you are asking for. What is it that you actually do?

I: Any experience in cloud development?

Me: Yes. AWS? Azure? GCP?

I: Do you know CI CD?

Me: Excuse me.. I've been asking a lot of questions but you're not paying attention to what I'm asking. Can you please answer the questions I asked.

I: Yes. Go ahead.

Me: What will be my position?

I: A full stack developer.

Me: What technologies do you use in your project?

I: We use all the latest tech.

Me: Like?

I: All latest tech.

Me: You mentioned big data processing?

I: Yes. Processing data from DB and generating reports.

Me: what do you use for that?

I: Java.

Me: Are you planning to rebuild it using Spark or something and deploy in the cloud?

I: No we're not rebuilding it. Just some additions to the existing.

Me: Then what's with cloud? Why did you ask for that?

I: Just to know if you're familiar.

Me: So I'll be working with Java. Okay. What do you use for UI?

I: Flash

Me: 🙄

I sat for a couple of minutes contemplating life.

I: Are you willing to join?

Me: No. Not at all. Thankyou for the offer.

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    Ouch, they’re so deep in hell.
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    I guess the Interviewer was ... unprepared. Or had no idea what he is talking about. Both is not completely unlikely.

    Or the company is just really outdated. Also not unlikely.

    Or all three apply. That would be really bad.
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    @sbiewald I guess that the company was not really outdated, but they have a bunch of fucking stupid hr people. They know how to get the client's attention and that is about it. They use buzzwords and create new ones on the fly, but don't know jackshit about what they are talking about. The project managers in that company are probably cocksuckers of their chiefs and of the hr people who are not protecting their developers's interests etc.
    Unprepared and no idea of what he was and will be talking about in the future would be my bet.
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    Skip the first few lines and I thought you were talking to yourself LOL
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    "All latest tech" 🤣🤣
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