Sad reality 😢:
"Programmers are using too much ChatGPT instead of building their own logic.... 😭"

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    it depends on the type of dev i'd say, so it's kinda pointless to generalize.
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    I don't see it in the wild. Who the fuck makes smth so boring that chatGPT can do it
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    I use chatgpt for grunt work like setting up boilerplate, bash scripts, and other stuff I don’t want to type out like long drawn out enums. I have enough dev strength to fill in the blanks where it messes up and understand what it returns.
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    @TeachMeCode yup, I use Jetbrains AI to write me some commit messages and do mundane script things I generally suck at.
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    Sad reality? Lol really? It's like you stole the post from that Progammer FB page that often posts stuff with baseless claims and nothing to back it up.
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