this platform needs anti spam, tired of creeps promoting suspicious coin rants here

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    We are the anti-spam, downvoting them is the only solution.
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    yeah, downvoting seems to work.
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    Coins? You lost them? Your hw wallet's password is gone? My old friend irene can f### your hardware wallet in the a## and get the Penetrating A.S.S. W.O.R.D. for your hw wallet back in 3 minutes.

    If you ask why it takes 3 minutes he will get mad and steal all the coins so be warned. Otherwise his feez are okay.
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    we are the anti spam community

    like in the olden times before robot overlords created this totalitarian panopticon dictatorship
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    We can help u get your coins back … for a fee.
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    @nike the fee is... about 102% of your coins in usd
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    @melezorus34 lets put it this way…i only get paid if what i do worx, then we can talk about interest.
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    @nike ah yes, brute forcing the 3 wrong password attempts. Try assword first
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