So I just had this job interview with a "startup" (side note: who the fuck still calls limping companies "startups" in 2024? That is sooooo 2010s).

There was this tattooed and very pale girl (you just know the vibe), the mandatory Norse bearded tall guy and the balding, "I'm-in-my-fifties-but-I-am-not-a-square, maaan" sleasy-looking white guy in a button up shirt but no suit jacket. The whole stereotypes gang came looking for their missing nerdy Indian.

The sleasy bloke goes on and on on a looong tirade on how they're "a tech innovation academy", how they "move fast and break things" and they "run smoking hot", so that "long nights are to be expected".
So, they usual red-flagging shit.

Then they all went on a "but we're not like all those companies that look exactly like us" word salad about "sustainability and a healthy work life balance", with their "highest value" being "the utmost respect at all times". I'm nodding my head at the meaningless splurge until they fart out the sentence "for example, cussing while talking with colleagues is a fireable offence".

If some hustling enterprise rather prefers a posh working environment, one can adapt to such circumstances. Provided, of course, that said enterprise adheres to the administrative coherence expected from a culturally refined institution. Mostly by compliance, from the leadership, to a rigidly predictable working schedule.

Now, if the bloody curs want coder dogs that work assfucking hours with a shit eating grin, they better swallow our fucking sailor mouths. Fuck, I've done twenty hour shifts getting my ass kicked in dark startup fisting/rush rooms. If unable to yell at any blabbering cocksucker to go stick his fucking opinions up the bitch who crapped him, then I ain't gonna bloody be there.

TL;DR they can either have a "utmost respect" working environment XOR a "fast and hot" daily hustle.

After they crapped out that oxymoron I could barely hold myself to avoid saying "sorry, I do not partake in any of the psychedelics you must be on".
On to the next interviews!

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    "Stick his fucking opinions up the bitch who crapped him".

    I am now sitting at my desk giggling like a retard and people are giving me weird looks.
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    beardy business
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    That last reply made me chuckle, wish I could have seen that interview part.

    All the best of luck to you.
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    don't disrespect psychedelic culture like that again. They have nothing to do with it.
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    Sounds like you dodged an absolute artillery shell on that one

    They must be freaking out
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    @NeatNerdPrime thanks. I naturally haven't said any of that out loud, and I am very proud I kept my poker face. But I was surely thinking it.

    @shovethisrant we'll never know for sure, but you are very probably right.

    @kiki yes, ma'am
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    Great rant!🤣
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    You're right to move on to other opportunities that align better with both your professional ethos and personal sanity. https://thatsnot-myneighbor.io/
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