A quick question, is the numbers in the degree matters for working as dev? Student here. Big thanks ✌️

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    Are you asking about the number of degrees you get, or the grades you make while getting your degree?
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    @jhh2450 I mean is the grades/marks we acquire
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    Nobody'll care about your grade, and only the recruiter'll check your degree
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    @alhiee As far as I am aware, the grades/marks don't mean shit once you get the degree. (It's like that for every field of study.)

    A pretty common saying here in the US is "C's get degrees."
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    @Jakuho in the hand of recruiter, what is the significance of the marks while we have some noticable projects or contributed in open source?
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    @jhh2450 alright cool, bec I fucked up my grades so bad that I realized it in the last sem of from final year, basically too much learning something outside academics n doing projects 😂
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    I've got a job as a dev even tho I'm still a failing student with a C average. Failed and repeated many papers.
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