My dumbass fucked up a good interview by looking down on the company I was interviewing for unintentionally (:
They outsourced the "core" finance code to a 3rd party B2B provider and I was like "oooooooooh so y'all are only a wrapper? That explains why you didnt do super-crazy background check on me hahaha"

I ended up sounding suspicious af :'v

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    I'm horrified after reading this.

    I'm curious why it even crossed your mind that you could talk to a potential employer, that consists of a room full of strangers, so casually and blatantly about a project you know nothing about.
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    @cuddlyogre coz they asked "anything else you want to know?"
    and I asked "what exactly do the developers work on?"

    coz with their dev team mainly being fullstack and devops, the product didnt make sense

    then they explained they outsource the fancy finance-tech to some B2B and their team-makeup then made sense

    But yea, my casual words probably did a lot of harm to my career over the years lol
    //Thats why I prefer to work without much interaction outside dev-teams
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    @jestdotty ikr, words go out of mouth first
    The "i shouldnt have said that" comes minutes later 😪
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    last August I managed to say in an interview that "I like Rust because it's fast enough that I don't have to optimize".

    this would've been a very positive statement if I had finished the thought, but in this form it's probably the least positive imaginable reason to like Rust.
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    my worst interview fuckup so far was when I claimed falsely for no reason that I've been fired from the previous place and then panicked and refused to state the cause.
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    I also once openly expressed my opinion that the power dynamic between employee and employer is inherently oppressive when asked what my ideal workplace would be. Bizarrely, that ended up working because the interviewer privately agreed. I only worked there briefly but I was told they had a union soon after. I may have jumpwd all the socialists there during my one month visit with pure social incompetence and excessive honesty.
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    @jestdotty I don't claim to have a solution and there are multiple potential approaches. In the UK there's BCS which is meant to act like a guild of software engineers but I don't think they do much except host networking events.

    In absence of large scale cooperatives and capable industry regulators, I think a local union isn't a bad option for the workers of a Hungarian software agency.
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    everything is a wrapper nowadays sadly
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