So I am driving home and stop at a light. Some dude in a truck behind me starts flipping me off at the light. The road is 45mph and 2 lanes. I am in the right lane. So when the light changes I speed up to 35mph so he can pass me. He decides to tailgate me and honk at me. So I stay steady and he eventually goes around me. I keep my distance. But it looks like he is going to the same place as me. Before I get to the road I want to park for my destination he takes the same road and parks his truck and trailer where I normally park facing the wrong direction. Okay, wtf, but okay. So I go further down the road to turn around and park somewhere else. He guns his truck to cut me off from that parking spot. I have to hit my brakes to prevent hitting him. I raise my hands in the are like "why?" I then finish turning around and head back to my parking spot and park. So this guy tried to cause a car accident. At this point I took my stuff inside and put it away. Came back out and called the police to report the incident. They said they cannot identify a crime, but I can fill out a police report. While I am on the phone with the police this guy leaves that street giving me this bizarre deranged smile. I refuse to engage. I spent the next hour filling out the police report. In the process I find out he lives on that street a few houses down. I am nowhere near his house, but he seems to not like me parking on that street. This guy must have seen my car on that street before and decides to randomly road rage. I gave his name and address to the police. My intent to build a case file if he doesn't knock this shit off.

So now I gotta buy a fucking dash cam and put it in my car because of some nutjob plumber. I have nothing against plumbers, but this guy fits the definition of knuckle dragger. His name isn't even Mario or Luigi, bummer.

Another thing that might be related is that during the winter somebody dumped a ton of snow onto my car when it was parked there. It looked like it was on purpose. If this is the same guy this guy drove his snow plow 4 houses down. Definitely has mental problems.

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    How did you figure out where he lives from that?
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    @Root his truck and trailer have his business name and phone number on them. I found his house, name, and name of his wife. It is a sole proprietorship.
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    @Demolishun If he’s behaving like that while so easily identifiable… definitely mental issues. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    Sounds like freedom
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    If you know his house and his wife, go pay her a visit, rizz her up and sleep with her. Then take photos of it and send it to the guy.

    That will teach him a lesson.
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    And the name of his wife
    Lmao nice
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    Break into his house and put dead horse head into his bed when he’s sleeping - always works.
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    @vane horse head thing seems like something people from Italy do, at least ny experience when I was living there!
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    @devJs how many did you receive?
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    @electrineer like just 3
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